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Connect openminded people and new performance artist 's. Free your mind your body and soul embrace the opportunity



​In the past 4 years we (founders Rik and Elvira) have found a unique platform for people with an open mind to enjoy the atmosphere, the music, the anonymity, the positivity, socializing in the most intimate safe location.

After all these years we have a stable foundation with locations, owners, coverage for the correct unique licenses.
One of the most important intentions is also to create an opportunity for DJs / producers who are unable to perform in front of a live audience. We give them the chance to get in touch with the visitors who want to hire this perticular DJ.
A great opportunity to reach the next level.

We facilitate in intimate needs that are in high demand. With passion and love to make the world a little more respectful and understanding.

It is impossible to make a profit with our intentions. We do it together out of love for open-minded visitors. Our team is there for free and they get satisfaction from the happiness that they bring to the visitors. As a team !


With Love 

Elvira, Rik and our Crew​

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